Coordinated by Cabinet d'etudes sur les Dechets et L'energieceden (CEDEN)
1m€, 8 partners, 2016-2018

The project BioReg aims at absorbing the potential of wood waste in EU regions through the creation of a stakeholder platform via which industrial demonstrator ecosystems alongside the wood-waste value chain interact with recipient beneficiary regions with unused wood waste biomass.


Coordinated by PSB Paris Business School-France
Erasmus+, Strategic partnership for Higher Education 2016,
364k€, 8 partners, 2.5 years

Development of an innovative e-learning platform providing access to training on entrepreneurship skills for European students, with a particular focus on those with special needs, by integrating them and adopting an inclusive education approach. Europroject is also project manager.


Coordinated by Bayer SAS - France
Erasmus+, Strategic partnership 2014,
300k€, 4 partners, 2 years

Development of an e-learning platform for the sustainable use of pesticides. Developed by Europroject in French, English and Italian. Europroject is also project manager.


Coordinated by Gedicom - France
FP7, 2013-2017, 5m€, 11 partners
The project Snowball aims at lowering the impact of aggravating factors in crisis situation thanks to adaptive foresight and decision-support tools.


Coordinated by CERES - Spain
Leonardo da Vinci, 2012-2014
Improve the vocational training in the tourism sector in order to attract tourists from BRIC countries by an exchange of practices carried out in the partner's countries.


Coordinated by IFV - France
Leonardo da Vinci, 2011-2013, 400k€, 6 partners
E-VitiClimate aims to train teachers and trainers through an innovative platform on issues related to climate change and on different viticultural techniques to help producers adapt to climate change.


Coordinated by Fundacja Obserwatorium Zarządzania (FOZ)
Leonardo da Vinci, 2011-2013, 350k€, 5 partners
The main aim of this project was to transfer the Webcast Training Methodology (WTM) to European countries - Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland and Austria.


Coordinated by IFES - Spain
The main goal of FOODSKILLS is to adapt a recognition methodology of the non-formal and informal learning in the training strategies of the food sector in the European Union.

Food-Ec Vet

Coordinated by Fundación De Estudios Sociales Del Sector Agroalimentario - Spain
FOOD-ECVET proposes to incorporate the results of Food-Skills in order to facilitate understanding of the ECVET model by social partners in the food sector and improve the participation of workers with low-levels of qualifications in the vocational training and lifelong learning programs.


Coordinated by IFES - Spain
Project's aim is to propose, from the point of view of the labour market - represented by public administrations, social partners, training centres and companies - a specific methodology and a tool-set for the implementation and development of the EQF in the national and sectorial qualifications frameworks.


Coordinated by IFES - Spain
The general aim of the FOOD-FIT project is to develop, from the point of view of social partners and companies, a methodology and a group of tools for the implementation and development of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) in the food sector in the EU.


The EU-BALKAN-FABNET project aimed at encouraging stronger participation of Western Balkan researchers in Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) projects.

Balkan Agro Food Network

Coordinated by University of Plovdiv - Bulgaria
BAFN project aims at stimulating the agrifood research in the Western Balkan Countries.


Coordinated by ARIA Technologies - France
2010-2012, 4 partners
Through a French-Romanian cooperation, ARIA Technologies has installed an air quality forecasting system at the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) in Romania which is now operational and issuing daily reports to inform on the dispersion of criteria pollutants.


Coordinated by Institute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction - Bulgaria
National Project on the reinforcement of the research capacity of The Bulgarian centre "Biology and Immunology of Reproduction" by enhancing the human resources capabilities of CBIR and its research integration with European partners.


Coordinated by Agricultural Institute of Slovenia
2012-2015, 2.8M€
Significantly improving scientific research for the development of sustainable crop production and environmentally friendly plant protection strategies in Slovenia at changing climatic conditions.

Mars Armor

2011-2012, OP Competitiveness, 451k€
Strengthening Mars Armors' positions as a successful producer on the international market through the development and integration of ERP system.

TM Auto

2012-2013, OP Competitiveness, 242k€
Implementation of integrated resources management system for raising the competitiveness of TM-Auto Ltd.


2012-2013, OP Competitiveness, 1.8M€
Innovative vessel for gas transportation under high pressure: realisation of the innovative potential of Bulgarian company Termoinvest.

Plovdiv University

2011-2012, OP Competitiveness, 905k€
Establishing of new and consolidating of existing technological centers.