Adaptive and Inclusive Learning Environment

The AILE project is designed to provide teachers with better educational opportunities for the integration of all pupils aged between 6 and 10 years old in order to meet each individual learning requirements to improve the educational development and give equal opportunities for all children. This global objective will be reached using a breakthrough educational web-based solution to enable teachers creating their own regular learning contents and pedagogical activity, in an adapted and interactive way, thanks to a list of adaptations started through the ALSO Erasmus + project.

Through this project, AILE aims at answering to three objectives: i) give a concrete opportunity to the teachers to create, from a unique template, several adapted materials depending on the children’s needs, ii) promote easy inclusive education to motivate teachers and iii) promote a collaborative pedagogy with and without schools for inclusion.

EP was responsible for the successful setting up of the project.

Erasmus +






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