Galina Ivanova

Provide producers with fit-for-purpose knowledge to develop new sustainable food chain models improving their revenue and enhancing consumers’ satisfaction

FOOD IMPROV’IDERS will study innovative food chain models that result in a fairer position for producers and develop fit-for-purpose educational material identifying the determinants and key levers behind successful practices to facilitate the replication of fairer food chain models. It will develop an e-learning platform tailored by the needs and feedback of the target audience and adapt the educational content developed for online self-learning. The developed pedagogical content on short food chains will be implemented and refined during blended-learning training sessions in the second and third year of the project training 360-480 EU producers. The project will ensure a wider uptake of the project results via a strong communication and dissemination strategy supported by efficient project management.

Europroject was respobsible for the successful setting up of the project and is currently a partner in the project reponsible for the communication and platform development and maintenance.

Erasmus +


Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires (ANIA)




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