Human centric innovative approach and training for the management of human Resources through the Integration of the Next Generation of AI technologies

At European and International scale, the current convergence of many digital and breakthrough technologies brings a new period of transformation of our economy and society. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nowadays the main technological challenge, discussed within all industrial and service sectors, with an expected growth between $12.5 billion in 2017 to $46 billion by 2020. In the specific sector of Human Resources Management, AI shows a slow uptake fuelled by a lack of understanding, training and misconceptions on the role of AI in the workplace. Yet, AI-powered analytics tools have proven the potential of AI in HR management processes, and HRTECH is becoming a popular term. In this context, the HIRING project aims to prepare the current and next generation of human resources manager to integrate and use AI tools within their role. This goal will be reached by providing them with an innovative training programme based on the following question: “How can AI enhance innovation and creativity within human resources management positions?”

Based on this challenge, the HIRING partners have identified 3 specific objectives to achieve this goal: training the HR managers and students to the digital transformation to come in their work environment; valuing fair and responsible soft skills for implementing AI technologies at the work place and promoting a more open-minded HR generation opened to atypical career pathways.

EP was responsible for the successful setting up of the project.

Erasmus +


Institut de Preparation a L'administration et a La Gestion (IPAG)




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