The nZEBRA project plans to create and implement an intensive blended course in Climate Neutral Buildings to address nZEB regulation and complex behavior of buildings. Construction and energy engineering disciplines shall be systematically intertwined for sustainable building, energy management and future. This interdisciplinarity will be fed by the expertise and vision of research, higher education organizations and the business. Being an intensive and short-term it will rely on micro-credentials as an assessment principle to provide flexible, learner-centered education. The project international course will be adapted to be elective to a Master course or as a life-long learning opportunity, focusing on nZEB concept.

nZEBRA aims to empower and equip students to actively participate and contribute to sustainable building construction field throughout its entire life-cycle. Challenge- and project- based approach will be established to enhance relevant knowledge and skills to enable students to make a significant impact in innovating in the building and energy performance management, leading to diminishing built CO2 emissions, sensibly using professional BIM/BEM software.

Erasmus+ (Cooperation Partnership)


HOGSKOLAN I HALMSTAD (Halmstad University)




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