Open-source plaform for Skills Integration in a Learning, Knowledge and Career PATHway

Did you ever dream of a future where learners can effortlessly acquire, publish and share their skills in a way that makes their job searching activity more adapted to their real career building process? Did you envision better tools for companies to search for the right candidate faster and more efficiently, assisted by artificial intelligence? Or maybe you thought, as a professional, that something was needed to help you find the right training to boost your skills and, through those, your career?

SILKC Path is a European project, launched by a group of companies and educational institutions experienced in teaching and handling skills issued from learning experiences, to push the boundaries of digital management of skills further. Our objective is to offer a software platform that will enable European organizations to offer their students or employees an easy way to improve their professional skills by offering them spot-on learning pathways. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (i.e. Deep Learning) to find matches between a candidate’s current skills, their professional career expectations, and available training to achieve those skills necessary to reach their professional goals. Things are moving fast and we need people to be able to develop their careers more efficiently than ever before. Empowering learners will reduce learning time and increase the competitiveness of professionals all over Europe laying the foundation of a profound change in learning efficiency in Europe.

EP was responsible for the successful setting up of the project.

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