Angel Shotev
Stefan Dyankov

An educative platform based on MakeCode, CircuitPython & Scratch for creativity and participatory sciences using IoT boards

The LET’S STEAM project aimed to enable the teachers to acquire knowledge on how to use programming opportunities to teach sciences in secondary schools students, in a way that code can provide inputs to a transdisciplinary approach of all sciences and art items thanks to creativity rather than focusing on hardware and technological project. Teachers are still teach coding with classic methods which are not relevant with the current world and its digital era, and is moreover most of the time adapted to very technical profiles, living some students behind, especially girls in the field of programming. Nowadays, we have to switch from learning how to code as an individual items, to teach what to use code for, to enhance creativity, innovation and promote active pedagogy between courses, between schools and towards the students. The main ambition of the LET’S STEAM project was hence to answer this challenge by enabling the teachers to create new knowledge and new educational contents by using the platforms and IoT boards towards an interdisciplinary approach of scientific topics at school.

EP was responsible for the successful setting-up of the project and led the development of the e-learning platform.

Let’s STEAM has been selected as a “Good Practice Project” by the French Erasmus+ National Agency, based on criteria set by the European Commission.

Erasmus +


Aix-Marseille Université (AMU)




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