Galina Ivanova
Angel Shotev

Coldspark Driven Energy and Cost-Efficient Methane Cracking for Hydrogen Production

ColdSpark will validate a novel non-thermal plasma technology to produce hydrogen at an industrial scale from methane, with a process energy efficiency of 79%, achieving a conversion rate of 85% with zero CO2 emissions. The project will develop and test a novel plasma reactor at lab scale and validate it in conjunction with the power supply at scale, pursuing the industry’s most power efficient generation of hydrogen alongside high-value carbon. The technology will assess its application for both natural gas and biomethane producers. A low energy cost (< 15 kWh/kg H2 produced) without the need for catalysts and water, makes the proposed solution the most cost-competitive, environment-friendly, and less complex to implement. The reactor design and modularity bring lower CAPEX and OPEX and make it easily scalable and flexible.

The project gathers the expertise of a mix of academic, research, and industrial partners from five countries, which bring both outstanding research and topic competence, as well as knowledge and access to the solution for end-user industries.

EP is a partner within the project supporting the project management of the project and leading communication and dissemination activities.

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