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Lazarina Dimitrova
Natali Dimitrova

Developing methodologies for the integration of low-grade energy sources into high-temperature district heating networks

District Heating accounts for a major share of the heat supplied to the residential sector in some EU countries. Yet, in most of them it relies heavily on fossil fuels.

The Low2HighDH project’s objective is to improve the current situation, aiming to integrate low-grade Renewable Energy Sources, such as solar thermal, low-temperature geothermal, and heat pumps. The project partners are targeting 30 high-temperature District Heating sites across Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia, providing them with technologies and investment plans for low-grade or waste heat integration. Partnering with national stakeholders and local liaison groups, the Consortium supports fulfillment of the Energy Efficiency Directive’s criteria within a decade.

The project is expected to trigger EUR 454 million in investments in sustainable energy (thermal Renewable Energy Sources technologies and waste heat), to replace 1 TWh/year of fossil fuels with and abate 291 thousand Tons of CO2 emissions.

EP has supported the successful setting up of the project and is currently assisting the project coordinator in the management of the project, as well as leading the communication and dissemination work package.


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