Natali Dimitrova
Polina Hitova

Civic engagement of HEI students in the creation of a PanEuropean mapping app for socially inclusive higher education institutions and accessible European cities.

Map4Accessibility will develop a pan-European accessibility mapping app which provides information on the accessibility of public spaces. The project will be carried out via 4 case studies in 4 cities – Catania, Italy; Berlin, Germany; Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria; and Lisbon, Portugal and will be based on the already develop Portuguese accessibility app – + Acesso para todos. For the design, development and testing of the app the project will engage higher education students by combining service learning and academic coursework – in such a way students will be both civically and academically engaged to work on a community-identified concern.

EP was responsible for the successful setting up of the project and is currently the project manager, the quality and communication strategy lead, as well as responsible for platform content integration and accessibility guidelines production.

Erasmus +


Università degli Studi della Tuscia (UNITUS)




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