Galina Ivanova
Natali Dimitrova
Angel Shotev

Agroforestry at the forefront of farming sustainability in multifunctional landscapes in Europe

Agroforestry is an auspicious land use type, allowing farmers to continue producing food while significantly improving the environmental sustainability of their operations. Integration of trees into agricultural business contributes to a host of ecosystem services, lowering the environmental and social impact of food production. Past research has attempted to foster the renaissance of agroforestry in Europe, resulting in a sizeable knowledge base and modelling capability. The most critical barriers to agroforestry adoption in Europe relate to lack of knowledge, impact of tree planting on farm business, and unclear policy support positioned between agriculture and forestry.

Reforest will employ a co-creation and multi-actor approach as a fundamental research method to place The project will maximise the use of existing knowledge and data, utilise agroforestry living labs built upon foundations laid by previous projects, and establish a stakeholder and actor engagement platform to enable knowledge transfer, training and innovation. This project will prioritise enhancing knowledge exchange and transfer, enabling the integration of carbon and biodiversity finance in farm business models, and by proposing targeted policy interventions as solutions to overcoming barriers to agroforestry expansion.

EP has supported the successful setting up of the project and is currently supporting the project manager and is the lead of the communication and dissemination work package.

Horizon Europe


Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU)




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