Let’s Steam

An educative platform based on MakeCode, CircuitPython & Scratch for creativity and participatory sciences using IoT boards The LET’S STEAM project aims to enable the teachers to acquire knowledge on how to use programming opportunities to teach sciences in secondary schools students, in a way that code can provide inputs to a transdisciplinary approach of …

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The EU-HEALTH INNOVATION MARKETPLACE, the valorization platform for (FP7 Health and H2020 SC1) research results The “UTILE” proposal presented the EU-Health Innovation Marketplace, an online tool to better valorise the FP7 Health and Horizon2020 SC1 project results. This marketplace actively brought together Innovation Providers (i.e. technology push) and the Innovation Developers (i.e. market pull).


Absorbing the Potential of Wood Waste in EU Regions and Industrial Bio-based Ecosystems The project BioReg aimed at absorbing the potential of wood waste in EU regions through the creation of a stakeholder platform via which industrial demonstrator ecosystems alongside the wood-waste value chain interact with recipient beneficiary regions with unused wood waste biomass.


Virtual Incubator for Refugee Entrepreneurs The VIFRE project aimed at developing a virtual incubator for refugee entrepreneurs to allow a better integration of this population in Europe.


E-course on Entrepreneurship Skill – an inclusive education approach The project developed a platform with the objective of raising awareness and supporting entrepreneurship in Europe. It provided online educational content accessible to all regardless of the level of training. In addition, the platform was accessible to people with disabilities.


Demonstration of an innovative e-learning platform for Sustainable Use of Pesticides training Development of an e-learning platform for the sustainable use of pesticides. Developed by Europroject in French, English and Italian. Europroject is also project manager.


Lower the impact of aggravating factors in crisis situations thanks to adaptative foresight and decision-support tools The project Snowball aimed at lowering the impact of aggravating factors in crisis situation thanks to adaptive foresight and decision-support tools.


Integrated Approaches for Sustainable Crop Production in Slovenia: Resisting Global Changes The main objective of the project programme was to significantly improve the research capacities at KIS (staff and equipment), implement novel strategies for the dissemination of expertise and results and promote cooperation of KIS with companies and other national and international research institutions.


Improve the vocational training in the tourism sector in order to attract tourists from BRIC countries by an exchange of practices carried out in the partner’s countries.

Food-Ec Vet

FOOD-ECVET proposes to incorporate the results of Food-Skills in order to facilitate understanding of the ECVET model by social partners in the food sector and improve the participation of workers with low-levels of qualifications in the vocational training and lifelong learning programs.


Video conference use for adult learning The project E-VitiClimate aims to train teachers and trainers on issues related to climate change and on different viticultural techniques to help producers adapt to climate change.

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