Agroforestry at the forefront of farming sustainability in multifunctional landscapes in Europe Agroforestry is an auspicious land use type, allowing farmers to continue producing food while significantly improving the environmental sustainability of their operations. Integration of trees into agricultural business contributes to a host of ecosystem services, lowering the environmental and social impact of food …

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Innovative blockchain traceability technology and Stakeholders’ Engagement strAtegy for boosting Sustainable sEafood visibility, social acceptance and consumption in Europe Current seafood traceability tools and services have the potential to take advantage of novel blockchain technologies to obtain a wide range of data making sustainable seafood practices more visible to consumers. Sea2See will fill in existing …

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Coldspark Driven Energy and Cost-Efficient Methane Cracking for Hydrogen Production ColdSpark will validate a novel non-thermal plasma technology to produce hydrogen at an industrial scale from methane, with a process energy efficiency of 79%, achieving a conversion rate of 85% with zero CO2 emissions. The project will develop and test a novel plasma reactor at …

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Smart Response sELf-desInfected biobAsed NanoCoatEd surfaces for healthier environments RELIANCE aims to design and develop smart response self-disinfectant antimicrobial nanocoatings based on a new range of smart antimicrobial nanoparticles. Such nanoparticles will consist of mesoporous silica nanoparticles with metallic copper in their structure, modified with biobased bioactive compounds: Antimicrobial peptides (AMP’s) based on protein containing …

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Civic engagement of HEI students in the creation of a PanEuropean mapping app for socially inclusive higher education institutions and accessible European cities. Map4Accessibility will develop a pan-European accessibility mapping app which provides information on the accessibility of public spaces. The project will be carried out via 4 case studies in 4 cities – Catania, …

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Supporting Circular ecOnomy thRough Education The project SCORE aims to contribute to the holistic effort to address the environmental, societal and economic challenges that our societies are facing through promoting circular economy education adapted to 15-24 age group in order to incite sustainable behaviour changes. The project will actively improve and increase young people’sunderstanding of …

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Building dIgital coMpetencies of students and teacHers in construction relateddegrees & incrEasing digitAl reaDiness of EU universities The main objective of the BIMaHEAD project is to support building digital readiness in higher education institutions and to support students in construction related degrees to adjust tothe new online education environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic through …

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New Approach to Underwater Technologies for Innovative, Low-cost Ocean obServation NAUTILOS, a Horizon 2020 Innovation Action project funded under EU’s the Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative, aims to fill in marine observation and modelling gaps for biogeochemical, biological and deep ocean physics essential ocean variables and micro-/nano-plastics, by developing a new generation of …

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EU Higher Education Students’ Entrepreneurial Capacity in Renewable Energy The EntRENEW project develops a trans-disciplinary HE blended-learning course in Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy (ERE) at the intersection of entrepreneurship and technology (smart, sustainable and renewable energy applied studies). It aims at promoting a dynamic interdisciplinary perspective that articulates the corporate, scientific, and pedagogical skills and …

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Provide producers with fit-for-purpose knowledge to develop new sustainable food chain models improving their revenue and enhancing consumers’ satisfaction FOOD IMPROV’IDERS will study innovative food chain models that result in a fairer position for producers and develop fit-for-purpose educational material identifying the determinants and key levers behind successful practices to facilitate the replication of fairer …




Human centric innovative approach and training for the management of human Resources through the Integration of the Next Generation of AI technologies At European and International scale, the current convergence of many digital and breakthrough technologies brings a new period of transformation of our economy and society. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nowadays the main technological …

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Open-source plaform for Skills Integration in a Learning, Knowledge and Career PATHway Did you ever dream of a future where learners can effortlessly acquire, publish and share their skills in a way that makes their job searching activity more adapted to their real career building process? Did you envision better tools for companies to search …

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